French Roulette Introduced by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming (RTG) has recently added Online French Roulette to their Specialty Games category.  This news will likely come as a surprise to many players who would consider French Roulette to be a Table Game and not a “specialty” game.

What makes French Roulette special in RTG’s eyes?  While it’s similar to European Roulette and shares the same number of slots on the roulette wheel, every number features a red background and not the typical black or red.

Furthermore, the bets in this game are identified using the French language.  Therefore, instead of making a “red” and “black” bet, you would make a “rouge” or “noir” bet.  Likewise, “even” and “odd” becomes “impair” and “pair”, and so on.

There are other features that make French Roulette different from the European version, but what truly makes it unique is La Partage.  In the event Zero results, players who made even money bets win back half of the amount they wagered.

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